Our specialists will provide you with professional advice in the area of value added tax both in line with the Czech legislative framework and European Union legislation.

We offer the following services in the area of VAT:


  • VAT registration of local and foreign entities
  • Assessment and filing of VAT tax returns, recapitulative and control statements
  • Intrastat Report assessment and filing
  • Custom-made projects for our clients aimed at tackling the VAT issues as part of supplier-buyer chains – VAT Guide
  • Representation of foreign tax entities in the process of VAT refund
  • Representation of clients in front of the Czech financial authority and customs administration
  • Review of particular transactions from the VAT perspective


Through HLB International, we are a part of the AMAVAT project, providing advisory services to clients who use the AMAZON platform for distribution of their goods. In the majority of the cases of such distribution, the duty to register for VAT in a foreign country arises.  AMAVAT and their members provide registration and filing of VAT returns in the countries where AMAZON provides their distribution services (for more information see

European VAT Club

In 2005, we became members of the European VAT Club, an association of independent VAT specialists ( This organisation was established in the 1970s. The main scope of interest of this organisation is the debating of the problems of value added tax. PROXY, a.s. professionals participate in regular conferences where the latest and complex VAT issues are discussed among the experts from 23 member states. VAT issues are addressed from an international perspective, which widens our expertise in the area of VAT.

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