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Your stable personal advisor in the area of accounting and taxes.

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Traditionally, since the time when HLB PROXY was founded, the company has ranked among the leading advisory offices in the Czech Republic. PROXY, a. s., was founded in 1991. We offer advisory services in the area of taxes, financial and payroll accounting, and other areas.

In 1994, we extended our services to other regions opening a branch in České Budějovice.

Our constant growth over the period of the last 15 years and wide offer of services lead to the opening of yet another PROXY branch, in Klatovy. The office there opened on 1 April 2019.

Following the constant trend in making audit regulations stricter, namely in the area of auditor independence, our audit services were transferred and, since 1997, have been delivered under PROXY-AUDIT, s.r.o. This company solely dedicates its activities to audit and audit-related services. The team of PROXY-AUDIT consists of independent management and staff who deal exclusively with audit issues.

Since the early days of HLB PROXY, the company has had a focus on foreign clients (in those days it was primarily German speaking clients). The portfolio of our clients consisted of foreign investors entering the Czech market in the early 90s. These clients made up 98% of our client’s portfolio. The companies concerned were companies with foreign owners, international corporations and their permanent establishments in the Czech Republic. This share of the proportion of foreign and local clients remained until the time when markets went global.

In 2004, in order to support our expertise and continue in delivering qualified advisory services for international clients, PROXY became part of the London based HLB International, an association of international advisory firms.

Both of our companies currently employ around 80 professionals focusing on financial and payroll accounting, tax advisory and audit. Many of our employees are chartered tax advisors or auditors. We aim at hiring staff that is competent to provide expert advisory services in Czech, English and German.

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