Other advisory services

  • OTHER TAXES. PROXY provides a complex range of tax services including the processing of other taxes such as immovable property tax, taxes from the acquisition of immovable property, excise duty and advisory in the area of tax administration.
  • DUE DILIGENCE. In the case of foreign entities entering the Czech market or in the case when Czech entities aim to widen their activities within the territory of the Czech Republic, we offer the processing of due diligence for the target companies. Due diligence incorporates the services in the area of audit, accounting review and assessment of tax risks of the target entity.
  • INTERNATIONAL ADVISORY. All our services and advisory agenda have a strong base in our international background of HLB International chain. Some of the projects involving the tax advisory, drawing up of statements to tax cases, taxation of foreign entities, due diligence, transformations, etc. require close cooperation between our office and our partner HLB offices.
  • TRANSFORMATION. Our services include advisory on transformation of companies, especially in terms of mergers, separations, spin-offs, changes in the legal status of companies; we also offer services in the area of sales of companies or acquisitions of companies, etc.
  • LIQUIDATION. The closure of a company constitutes an inseparable part of the life of many companies. PROXY is an experienced advisor on your company’s side and will guide you through the entire process of liquidation, including the possible provision of a temporary company seat during the course of liquidation and provision of the liquidator. We will conduct all the necessary accounting and tax steps from liquidation to striking your company off the commercial register.
  • COOPERATION. In order to bring our clients a wide range of services, we have a network of established professionals and expert institutions we collaborate with – especially in the field of law where we collaborate with renowned law firms, etc.
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