Audit Services

HLB Proxy provides audit services through an independent company, PROXY–AUDIT, s.r.o., which has a sole purpose of its activity and which is conducting audits, reviews of financial history and adherence to agreed principles.

Our audit services primarily involve

  • Mandatory (statutory) and voluntary audit of financial statements
  • Audit of consolidated financial statements
  • Audit of extraordinary and interim financial statements
  • Special-purpose audit reports (audits of opening balance sheets in business combinations, audits of selected information for banks and regulatory bodies as well as for tender purposes)
  • Audit of consolidated reporting packages based on Austrian or German accounting standards, IFRS or US GAAP
  • Audit of efficiency and effectiveness of internal control systems
  • Audit of compliance with subsidy drawing terms and conditions
  • Performance of other procedures agreed upon by the client

Other associated services

  • Tailor-made specialised trainings
  • Accounting consultancy services – Czech accounting principles
  • IFRS accounting consultancy (incl. transfer to IFRS)
  • Consultancy regarding business combinations
  • Advisory on internal control systems
  • Assistance during preparation for an audit in order to eliminate additional costs charged by auditors

HLB PROXY audit services are performed under the supervision of professional auditors, all of which are qualified experts delivering high quality work. On top of being in full compliance with all the necessary regulations, we also aim at being a responsible and a trustworthy business partner addressing the specific needs of our valued clients. We act in full compliance with auditing procedures, handle information obtained as confidential, act in line with the duty not to disclose, and fully accept independence with all clients, acting in line with the Code of Ethics.

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