Financial Accounting

The core of our financial accounting services is the administration of the financial books of our clients in line with Czech accounting regulations with regard to all applicable tax regulations. PROXY provides both administration of financial accounting using Helios software or software preferred or used by our clients (such as SAP), and accounting support and advisory provided directly at our client’s offices.

Part of these offered services constitute the processing of our client’s companies’ financial statements (regular, extraordinary and interim, if need be), which includes the closing of the books of accounts, the preparation of notes for financial statements, processing of balance sheets, income statements and annexes to legal persons’ income tax returns.

Our clients who are subject to compulsory financial audit will also be provided with our assistance in the preparation of relevant audit documents, possibility to cooperate with our auditor and with assistance in the preparation of their annual report. On demand, we are ready to assist our clients with an assessment of a report on the relations between affiliated entities.

Our financial accounting services involve:

  • Installation of financial accounting in line with the Czech accounting and tax regulations into client’s software kept by PROXY with the possibility to keep the books based on cost centres, departments, contracts, etc.
  • Issuing payment orders and sending them to the client’s internet banking
  • Possibility to import data from the client’s trading and logistics systems and record them in the books
  • Support of, and on-going supervision over, the accounting books kept by the client
  • Consultations and qualified opinions on accounting issues
  • Assessment of reporting packages based on client’s request
  • Compiling of monthly and quarterly VAT returns and recapitulative statements, control statements and Intrastat reports
  • Preparation of the financial statements (including interim and extraordinary financial statements if need be), i.e. preparation of notes to financial statements, the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and related tax returns
  • Consultancy services aimed at the assessment of reports in line with IFRS and US GAAP
  • Reviewing of clients’ books, continuous checking of books
  • Representation of the client during inspections carried out by the tax administrator

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